ZenSocial is set of templates(scripts) for Zennoposter so obviusly You need a Zennoposter license. To read about Zennoposter/buy license go to http://zennolab.com/en/products/zennoposter/pid/pl

To create PVA activated (verificated with sms code) accounts we are using sms services (currently sms-activate.ru, smspva.com). You need account on one of the services with some funds.

If You want Your facebook and Twitter accounts look better You should put images with avatars in {Zennoposter instalation folder}/Progs/Resources/ZenSocial/avatars

For Twitter and Facebook accounts You will need working email accounts (You can ask us for email accounts creators)

For some actions You will need a captcha solving service (RuCaptcha, Anti-captcha, etc) but for most it's not necessary